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IBA National Entrepreneurship Program (NEP) is the dissemination of the "Certificate in Entrepreneurship" program of IBA-AMAN CED on a national level. IBA-AMAN CED will launch this course throughout Pakistan in collaboration with other universities/institutes. This course will be held on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) and the faculty members of IBA-AMAN CED will conduct all the academic sessions. The successful students will be issued certificate of IBA-AMAN CED, subject to the fulfillment of the requirements of the certification.

The course revolves around the application of the Effectuation theory of entrepreneurship in starting and managing a business. The emphasis of this course is on entrepreneurship process that can be applied in virtually any organizational setting. We will be looking at entrepreneurship over the life cycles of people's careers, of organizations as they evolve from a startup enterprise to a sizeable corporation. However, our principle focus will be on the creation of new ventures, the ways that they come into being and factors associated with their success.

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